Space & TIME
Featuring Artists Don Parr and Kenneth Schiano

OPENING RECEPTION | Saturday, September 9, 2017
From 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. | Mary Tomás Gallery
1110 Dragon Street, Dallas 75207
In conjunction with the opening starting at 12:00 noon


Don Parr

Mary Tomás Gallery brings you two new artists, Don Parr and Kenneth Schiano, to its’ gallery program. Their unique use of spatial phenomena and architectonic principles is paramount to both artists. SPACE & TIME explores the metaphorical aspects of both and juxtaposes the rigidity of geometry, archeological discovery, intuitive sensibility and contemporary abstraction.

Dallas-based artist Don Parr portrays the functional aesthetic of aero-structure design with an elegant balance of strength, weight, and aerodynamic efficiency with bold, engaging 2D artworks and 3D sculptures that reveal the specialized construction methods and materials used in early and modern aircraft. “Parr’s ability to transpose his contemporary minimalist expressions of constructed art works while staying true to actual aircraft color schemes is bold and intriguing,” observes gallerist Mary Tomás.

Kenneth Schiano

Maryland artist Kenneth Schiano will highlight work from his series of shaped paintings in his first Dallas gallery exhibit. Schiano deftly explores the use of irregular paintings on panel rooted in his architectural background. His geometric abstract works are painted with a combination of hand-mixed dry pigment paint, watercolor, and cold wax to create a subdued color palette of layered surfaces. The work reevaluates the relationship between a painting’s imagery and the painting as a physical object. In a recent review of Kenneth Schiano’s Academy Art Museum exhibit, Easton, MD, writer Mary McCoy notes, ”There are some works of art that you can look at again and again and always see something more. Schiano’s paintings are a case in point.”  Exhibition through October 7, 2017


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